All Clubs & Activities

Chess Club

Advisor: Jeff Sullivan

For: 3rd – 5th grade

Meets: Tuesdays before school, all year

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Unicycle Club

Advisor: Kelly Raber

For: 3rd-5th Grades

Meets: Monday & Thursdays before school 8:15am

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Volleyball club

Advisor: Kelly Raber

For: 5th grade

Meets: TBA



Advisor: Sheri Shipe

For: 3rd – 5th grade

Meets: Wednesdays before school


Video Club

Advisor: Jeff Sullivan

Meets: Before school everyday


Woodlands Trail Club

Advisor: Ken Allen

For: 5th grade

Meets: Wednesdays after school



Advisors: Crystal Crawford & Jocelyn Julian

For:  5th grade

2016-17 ASB Officers
President- Riley Parker
Vice President-Jayda Angcaya
Treasurer-Christina Converse
Secretary-Scott Bubb
Historians- Kaileylynne Bradley & Catherine Finnegan

Pod Reps
Rebecca Mourich
Alanah Sylvester
Chris Finnegan


Stage Crew

Advisor: Sheri Shipe

For: 3rd – 5th grade

Meets: Works around the concert schedule


Cribbage Club

Advisor: Rachel Schlecht

For: 4th – 5th grade

Meets: Every Tuesday before school at 8:15am



Advisors: Alia Schubert & Amy Zimmer

For: 4th & 5th grade with 3rd grade in the spring

Meets: Before and after school all year, usually one month on, one month off

Seasonal Crafts Club

Advisors: Leslie Waymire & Elizabeth Roberts

For: 2nd-5th grade

Meets: October 18 & 25,  November 8 & 29, & December 6 & 14

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Sign Language Club

Advisor: Erin Bermudez

For: K-5th grades

Meets: Weekly after school, Tuesdays & Wednesdays, starting 
                October 18th - December 14th   No meetings Nov. 22 & 23
                due to conferences

4/5th Grade Boys Book Club

Advisor: Erin Bermudez

For:4th & 5th grade Boys

Meets: Weekly on Wednesdays before school starting October 19th-
                   December 14th.

2nd/3rd Grade Book Club

Advisor: Erin Bermudez

For: 2nd & 3rd Grade Students

Meets: Weekly on Tuesdays before school starting November 1st
                   December 13th.

5th Grade Girls Book Club

Advisor: Janet War

For: 5th grade girls

Meets: Twice a month on Wednesdays after school