Filtered Water Comes to Woodlands
Filtered Water Comes to Woodlands
Posted on 09/07/2018
water bottle

Did you or your child see our new water stations? They have fountains and bottle fillers with filtered water.

We installed them as a precaution.

Last spring, CK Schools tested the quality of our water as part of its regular monitoring efforts. Tests showed that lead levels in several fixtures were higher than recommended levels. As a precaution, we turned off all drinking fountains. Our old drinking fountains will stay off. Sinks in some classrooms will have signs showing that they’re now only for hand washing.

Safety is incredibly important to us. Our district continues to monitor our water to ensure it meets high quality standards. The new water stations both help our students and staff make health drinking choices, and they’re extra protection for their health.

If you’d like to learn more about the district’s water quality testing, please visit page on water quality.