Twice Exceptional Resources

Thank you for your interest in twice-exceptional students. These students are also known as 2e kids.

Since earlier in the spring of 2014, a group of Central Kitsap School District parents have been meeting to discuss issues related to 2e students, their needs, and educational resources available to them.

Join the Central Kitsap Twice Exceptional Support Group on Facebook.

Parent Primer for 2e students. Click HERE for a brief list of what to do once you discover your child is twice-exceptional and not having his/her needs met in school.

For a literary take on gifted children, read this blog post from IEA.

Scholarly Articles about Twice-Exceptionality:

Article from TEACHING Exceptional Children (2005) about services and programs for twice-exceptional students.

Article from GIfted Education Communicator (winter 2012) about appropriate curriculum for twice-exceptional students.

Online resources for meeting the needs of 2e students:

Website from the Institute for Educational Advancement. Includes extensive resources, newsletters, e-news, summer camp opportunities, apprenticeships, academy, etc.

Article from 2e Newsletter (March 2012) about the experiences of a teacher of twice-exceptional students.

Article from LD (learning disabled) Online about twice-exceptional students, their needs, and suggestions for educating them. Article includes an extensive bibliography and resource list.

Link to an article from Gifted Child Today (Winter 2010) about the paradox of a learning disabled yet gifted student not "getting it" in school. This link takes you to the ERIC digest from which you can view, read, or print the full-text article.

Blogs written by parents and teachers of 2e students:

IEA (Institute for Educational Advancement) a blog for gifted youth. Posts written by gifted kids, their parents, teachers, and other caring professionals. Excellent resource for all!