Pickup and Dropoff

Please use these guidelines when dropping off your child see map below for visual of our parking lot:

  • Per the directive of the fire marshal, there is to be absolutely no parking in the red fire zone at any time. The fire zones are in front of the school and the entire left side of the exit road.
  • The Woodlands speed limit is 5 miles per hour.
  • You must have a handicap sticker to park in a handicap space, even if you are staying in your car.
  • Woodlands driving lanes are only one way. Please enter in the south and exit to the north. Never drive from the upper parking lot toward the building.
  • For Dropping off, form 1 line of cars to the right and drop off near the stairs, please keep the left side open for cars to drive through.
  • Most children can ride the bus or walk safely with other family members or friends. Our worst traffic tie-ups are on rainy days.
  • Please be patient, our parking lot problems are not easily solved.

The pick up plan:

  • The yellow zone is the only pick up spot for students. When picking up students, please wait until a spot opens up, pull forward and have your children enter your vehicle from the curb side only.   Please only form 1 line to the right in the upper parking lot leaving the left side open for cars to drive through.
  • If you would like to walk your child in, park in the upper lot and have them use the marked crosswalk. Please follow all directions given by our student safety patrol members.
  • The bus loading zone is for buses only. Do not pick up or drop off in the bus loading zone in front of the school.