Visiting & Messages

In order to provide the safest environment possible for all students and staff, Central Kitsap

School District requires visitors and volunteers to follow strict regulations:

  • All visitors entering the school building at anytime MUST stop at the school office. You will need a valid, government-issued ID.
  • First-time visitors will be screened using the RAPTOR screening system. The system will scan the ID (name, date of birth and photo) and check it against a national database of registered sex offenders. Once entry is approved, we will issue a visitor badge. Before leaving, visitors will also need to check out through our office. 
  • EVERY volunteer MUST complete the volunteer application process. Learn more about volunteering today on our volunteer page.
  • You MAY NOT volunteer in the classroom or go on a field trip until your application is approved.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work to keep Woodlands a safe place to learn.

Student Telephone Messages

 In an emergency, the office will be glad to get a message to your child. With about 460 students, however, it is very difficult for us to deliver casual messages.

Please make every effort to make daycare and transportation arrangements before your child leaves for school.

A note must be sent with your child if routine transportation arrangements have been changed such as riding a different bus, going home with a friend, or a change in daycare. These notes must be signed by the office staff before being presented to the bus driver.

Students are not allowed to call from the office to make social arrangements.