Student Placement

Over the years, we have attempted to very carefully place students in classrooms taking into consideration academic, social and gender equity issues in addition to any parental concerns and requests.  Again this year, we have chosen to accept requests, but we ask that you only do so if you have a very firm reason for placement.  We know that as parents you know your child’s needs best.  If there is a need that has not been obvious or discussed at a conference, this provides you an opportunity to communicate that need.  We always take parent input into consideration when making placements.  Please print out the form and fill it out or you can also pick one up in the  office but must be returned completely filled out no later than Friday June 3rd


Woodlands Elementary School



The environment in which our students are placed is an important factor in their success.  Our goal is to place each student in a classroom that best helps his/her learning by considering academic, social, and/or behavioral needs.   This requires a great deal of time and input from our staff.  All of our teachers are excellent, and each is highly capable of meeting the needs of each student.


We recognize that parents have some additional information that can help and we welcome this input.  Sometimes a parent may have a specific request.  This request may be considered as long as it does not affect the overall school needs.  This additional information or specific request must be made on a "Student Placement Form" and submitted prior to Friday, June 3rd.


We ask that this be confidential between the parent and the principal.  The parent should use discretion in involving the child.  Parent support is needed in making our class groupings effective and in helping children begin the year positively.  Please help children keep an open mind as to their classroom assignment next fall.  This will prevent disappointed children who were expecting a specific classroom with a friend or teacher that did not come about for any number of reasons which may include reassignment of teachers, split classrooms, and enrollment changes.


We have a process that is fair and objective.  It focuses on the best interests of all of our students.  We ask that parents respect this process, its time lines, and the decisions that result from it.


The principal will make all final student placement decisions.


Mr. Paul Nash



Please click here to fill out the student placement form by June 3rd. Please call the office at 360-662-9700 with any questions.