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You will want to cite or credit your sources whenever you use someone else's work.  For example, if you use ideas or information from a book, a magazine article, a website, or even another person you need to say where you got your information.

Why do I cite my sources?  It is called plagiarism when you do not give credit for ideas, words, quotes, or other information that you did not write yourself.

How do I cite my sources?  You can create your own bibliography or you can use one of the bibliography makers available online. 

When do I cite my sources?  You should cite your source or sources anytime you borrow or quote someone else's work.  Some examples would be a science fair project, a book report, or a social studies project.

Where do I find an online bibliography maker?  Try one of these websites for an easy-to-use bibliography maker.  There may be other bibliography makers available, but these seem best for elementary school students.

BibMe doesn't require you to create a username or password, but you can create an account if you'd like to.  Something that's nice about this service is to be able to search for resources by title, author, or ISBN number.

Noodle Tools
requires you to create a username and password before you can use their bibliography maker.