Rules & Conduct

We want your child to have the best possible education in a safe environment. Each student who attends Woodlands has the right to a safe education in a positive learning environment. 

Be a Wildcat!

Woodlands logo of a wildcatTo create that positive environment, we teach students about the qualities of a Wildcat:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be safe

Be proud of who you are, Be proud of the things you do. Be proud to be a Wildcat!

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Playground Expectations

We want children to have fun, play safely and develop positive social interactions. 

Adult recess supervisors are present when children are at recess. Their primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of the children. They also help solve problems through positive interventions and through the use of appropriate discipline.

When children have small problems at recess, we teach them to use Kelso's Choice or Rock, Paper, Scissors. When the problems are big or whenKelso's Choices have not been successful, we teach children to seek adult help. 

We expect that games at recess will be inclusive, stress fair play and that children will demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. 

Children exhibiting these traits are welcome to play at recess. We will work to help children refine these skills through teaching in the classroom, during P.E. and at recess.

Dress Code

Please remind your children of the following dress code guidelines:

  • Shorts must be longer than their fingertips when arms are extended at the sides.

  • No spaghetti straps or halter tops. Tank tops must cover two inches of shoulder and not sag excessively at the armpits. No extremely tight or excessively form-fitted clothing. Short skirts make it difficult for students to sit, exercise and play.

  • No bare midriffs. Shirts must cover the stomach area. 

  • Shoes must be safe and appropriate for PE and recess. Lightweight sandals, flip-flops and high heels are not safe footwear. No cleats or roller shoes (like Heelys) are allowed at school. Sneakers are best. 

  • Clothing that makes a reference to alcohol, tobacco products or any illegal substance or activity is inappropriate. Clothing with abusive or derogatory pictures and/or printing is not allowed. 

  • Saggy pants are not allowed. Be sure that underwear and body parts are covered. 

  • Hats can be brought to school as long as any advertisement is not offensive. When hats can be worn is the decision of the staff member in charge. 

  • Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for current weather conditions.


Woodlands will have a number o assemblies throughout the year.

These assemblies help students develop large group behaviors and serve to conduct school business, enhance student learning and/or promote school goals.

Parents are always welcome to attend.

Bikes, Skateboards, Roller Blades & Scooters

Students are only allowed to ride bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. after a meeting with principal and with written parent permission.

Helmets must always be worn while riding. 

Bikes must be walked while on school grounds. Permission slips are available in the office. 

Book Orders

In many classes, the teacher provides an opportunity for students to purchase additional reading material from various book clubs. 

All book orders are to be paid for by check. Please make all checks payable to the bok company. We cannot accept cash.

Lost and Found

Parents are strongly encouraged to label lunch boxes, coats, sweaters, hats, gloves, etc. At the end of each trimester, unclaimed items left in Lost and Found will be donated to charity.

Money Collection

Money may be collected from students for things such as planners, subscriptions, field trips, donations, classroom activities, promotion celebrations, etc. 

Money is collected using the Washington State Associated Student Body Guidelines. All money is deposited in a school district account and monitored by the Principal and a school district auditor.

Personal Items Should Be Kept at Home

All electronic devices, including games and iPods are not allowed at school. Toys can be a distraction at school, and we ask that they stay at home. 

Playground balls and equipment may be brought with teacher permission. They must be marked with your child's name and homeroom.  

The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or broken items. 

Cell phones are allowed, but must be turned off and kept in a backpack. They cannot be brought out at school. 

Roller shoes like Heelys may not be worn at school. You must opp off the wheels before you wear them to school. 

Pets at School

Animals are not allowed at school unless prior approval and arrangements have been made. 

If a pet is to be brought to school for "show and tell,"please contact the teacher in advance. Many children have pet allergies. 

Pets are not allowed on school buses.

School Parties

Classroom parties are up to the discretion of the teacher. 

If you wish to send a treat for birthdays, please contact the teacher in advance so that classroom disruptions can be kept to a minimum. 

Personal Invitations

Students may not pass out personal invitations at school unless every classmate is invited. 

Student Telephone Use

The school telephone is very busy. Consequently, telephone messages for children should be limited to EMERGENCIES ONLY.

It is often very difficult to locate students at dismissal time with last-minute instructions. Students staying for after-school activities, such as student patrol or clubs, are asked to make transportation arrangements before they come to school. 

Students are not allowed to call home for forgotten lunches, homework or to make social arrangements. 

Textbook and Library Book Loss or Damage

When students are issued textbooks or library books, it is understood that they will take reasonable care in the use, storage and transportation of the books between home and school. 

Charges for lost books will be at the rate of replacement cost.