Clubs & Activities


For: 2nd and 3rd meet Tuesday morning from 8:00-8:50

For: 4th and 5th meet Friday mornings from 8:00-8:50

Meets: before school in the music room



Video Club

Advisor: Jeff Sullivan

Meets: Before school everyday




Advisers: Melinda Spannuth & Jennifer Brantley 

For:  5th grade (elected by students)

2019-20 ASB Officers
President- AlexZander Jones
Vice President- Lanay Myers
Treasurer- Bronwen Anthes
Secretary- Zoey Schubert
Historians- Lola Prouse, CaliAna Edmondson 


Advisers: Alia Schubert 

For: 4th & 5th grade with 3rd grade in the spring

Meets: Before and after school all year, usually one month on, one month off

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