Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

Principles that guide our work with students include the belief that:

  • Preserving and/or enhancing a student's self-respect and dignity is crucial to a successful disciplinary action

  • Students should be responsible for solving their own problems with adult guidance

  • A student should always be left with some control; however, this control is on the adult's terms within limits

  • Students should face consequences instead of punishment whenever possible

  • Students should not see the adult as the source of their problem during a disciplinary action

  • Discipline should be considered an opportunity for personal growth rather than a bad thing that should never happen

Parent's Role in Discipline

We encourage you to participate in the education of your child. Without your cooperation and support, the school cannot effectively help your child reach his or her fullest potential. 

The major role of parents in discipline is to continually show their children that they are interested and supportive of how their child is doing in school. When children see that Mom and Dad are actively interested in whether or not they are doing their best, they are given a real incentive to strive for excellence. 

It is desirable to have everyone recognize that the goal is to help your child learn to get along in the school environment so that your child can be successful in middle school then high school. 

By working together, we can help your child learn behaviors that will increase your child's chance of success.